Skyplane: 110x faster data transfers on any cloud

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Skyplane: 110x faster data transfers on any cloud

At Sky Lab, I am working on the Skyplane project, a tool for blazingly fast bulk data transfers in the cloud. Here are my contributions so far.

Benchmark Results

I showed that Skyplane is up to 110x faster and 84% lower cost than any existing cloud transfer tools such as AWS DataSync, Google Cloud Data Transfer, and Azure Data Transfer.

The results were contributed to Skyplane NSDI 2023 submission and blog post. Below is one of the plots.

When transferring a 220GB Wikipedia dump, Skyplane is 3.8x cheaper than rsync and 6.2x cheaper than AWS DataSync

Continuous Profiling

I implemented a real-time dashboard of the public cloud internet activities related to Skyplane. Below are two of the plots (up to 12/01/2022).

Training an ML model with Skyplane

After implementing Skyplane API, I designed a use case of Skyplane about transfering data between S3 buckets and streamlizing it directly to the ML model.

Detailed instructions are here.

Jason Ding

Jason Ding